My “Elevator Pitch”

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As a marketing student, I needed to understand how an entrepreneurial elevator pitch would sound through my perspective since I never really had the opportunity to learn about the practice of pitching anything during my program or at least, not yet. However, having an elevator pitch in general seems quite helpful for virtually any career, especially for networking. Therefore, to help guide me in the creation of this pitch, I viewed it similar to how I would present myself in a job interview or a cover letter to a resume. After practicing a few times, this is what I came up with:

My name is Bavan and I am a goal oriented, creative-driven business student specializing in marketing management. I am focused on developing my marketing skills to better adapt to the constant evolution of consumer behaviour while utilizing my digital fluency to help clients prosper in this digital era of marketing.

While putting together this pitch, I considered that my essential qualities, ambitions and unique value proposition needed to be structured in an eloquent, yet concise manner with only two sentences. In the first sentence, I introduced my name alongside the qualities and my current status as a marketing business student. For the second sentence, I stated my ambition to build on my skills in marketing to fit the changing needs of consumer behaviour, as well as my unique value proposition, which is being able to use my proficiency in digital technology in tandem with said skills to give prospective clients an edge in the modern day of business.




Ryerson University. CEID100: Digital Skills and Innovation for the Global Economy

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Bavan Paramasivam

Bavan Paramasivam

Ryerson University. CEID100: Digital Skills and Innovation for the Global Economy

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